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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  August 3, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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what if he tried to stop traffic and something went wrong? the traffic moves quickly here, 50 miles per hour. what if he stopped traffic and there was an accident, harming somebody or even killing them. seeing both sides of this issue the judge said he didn't even know what he would do in the same situation. well, he ended up throwing out the ticket, but told joe vamosi not to do it again. but joe vamosi said he may not be able to follow that order if he sees another flock facing the same danger. >> i think most people would do the same. i hope so. >> reporter: in fairfax county, fox 5 news. the news keeps coming, laura evans now with the news edge at 11:00. off the top tonight, an islamic school accused of radical teachings, leaving a community divided. tonight, the campus is given the go-ahead to expand, but the fairfax supervisor's vote was far from unanimous, and oponents are not holding back,
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wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: well, laura, starting out with questions of traffic and safety. then they looked into whether or not they believed what they wanted. they sorted it out, the first motion to accident the school's application failed. but the second motion passed, and the people against it were angry. >> we need to resist these people. we need the make it clear that they may have bought six votes in there. but they're not buying my vote. >> reporter: james lafferty stormed out after the approval in fairfax county, he was not the only one, others found it shocking. >> i am shocked that they would vote for it. >> reporter: the islamic academy has been surrounded in controversy for years. one of their graduates was shown to be in a plot to kill the president.
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>> and how they could overlook the graduate from the school doing that. and say they're such fine students. they're fine students but they're learning the wrong thing for americans. >> reporter: some were concerned about what the academy was teaching. they say the content was anti- american and violent. >> they didn't feel the studies was appropriate in a land use setting. for example we do not look at the other studies in other schools, such as the catholic school. >> reporter: then there was the issue of traffic and congestion. some argued the road for the proposed site was too small and dangerous. >> i think a lot of the charges that were directed at your school were misplaced. >> reporter: but in the end, the board of supervisor says this was only about land use, leaving the opposition seeing red. >> we'll support whoever is running against it. even if it is pee wee her man.
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>> now they must go through the entire planning process, the supervisor says the school has been in his district for the last 15 years and he called them a significant teaching facility. laura? >> wisdom, thank you. following a developing story right now out of the middle east, five rocket attacks, hitting kabul, one of them falling near the u.s. embassy. hitting the house of a senior official but there are no reports of deaths. and new tonight, former president bill clinton heading to north korea hoping to bring home the two american journalists. these women, euna lee, laura ling, in the middle of the controversy regarding missile tests. it is not clear when mr. clinton will arrive. >>and a home up in flames, tonight a d.c. family is promising to rise from the
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ashes. you will remember this scene. the home here reduced to rubble last week, the fire destroyed their home but won't ruin their lives. fox 5 news maureen umeh has nor. >> the family was there, lost everything including a big collection of near priceless ar. tonight we arned the same water pressure issues that stopped efforts, regard regarding the blaze were reported. we found people hard at work on northwest working to fix at least one hydrant that was not working. the mayor ordered reports on why firefighters were not able to get enough water pressure from hydrant s in the area to fight the blaze. the fire destroyed the mansion that was there for years as well as the priceless art she
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was collecting for years. the former d.c. school board director used the art work to help other artists, she is trying to understand the loss. >> i am just getting to the emotional reality of what really happened. we'll always find the light, you know? i -- we went through an exercise of looking up the plural for the word phoenix. and we found it as phoenixes. and i told others that is exactly who my children and i are, and will be. >> the financial loss of the mansion and the art is expected to be in the millions. cooper has not even started to think about rebuilding. >> she has an incredible attitude, thank you. and fire set to a football field. you can see here the damage from sky fox, officials say somebody poured the item on the
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field, starting the damage. it is estimated at 75,000, so far no arrests. many americans need every single penny they can earn. so word of a proposed tax hike, not sitting very well. the back lash forcing the white house today to do to a bit of damage control. over the weekend, president obama's top economic advisers refused to rule out a tax hike on the middle class to pay for the president's health care reform. today, gibbs said that both men allowed themselves to get caught up in a hypothetical argument new . >> the president is clear on the taxes. >> meanwhile, they're looking to pass legislation fore the recess, gibbses says the cash for clunkers will be the topic of discuss at tuesday's lunch with the senate democrats. and closing time for runs of post offices, planning to
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close hundreds of facilities nationwide. the postal service is struggling and facing billions of potential losses. some of them under consideration are right here in our area. and you will find a full list on and a judge has decided who will get custody of michael jackson's kids. will thomas here everywhere at 11:00. >> laura, today an los angeles judge granted michael jackson permanent custody of his three children. the grandmother will receive monthly amounts for the kids, named prince, paris and blanket. the mother's rights are still there as well. she will have visitation rights. and a stabbing at union station tonight. investigators say an amtrak passenger was stabbed about 7:00. medics rushed the victim to the hospital. he is expected to survive. police took a female suspect into custody. an intruder attack, leaving an apartment community on high alert tonight. a 14-year-old girl woke up to find a man pinning her down.
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it happened early this morning on peach orchard drive in mccla in. the young woman screamed, the person ran off. she was not hurt. but the apartment complex has stepped up security, back to you. and an on line ad showing a baby boy up or adoption. the only problem, he is not. his mom logs onto craigslist to see a picture of her pride and joy targeted in an adoption scam. how this happened, and a warning for everybody. and meeting a cheaper ride, changes. and first, the rundown, some other stories we're working on tonight at 11:00. back in two minutes. the distance from the field toour table just got shorter.
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each way? worth getting on twitter for that. now back to will thomas with the fox 5 news top five. >> and heads up for anybody riding metro's red line, delays will continue tonight, the national transportation safety board wrapped up the investigation into the crash site, now crews start to replace the broken track circuitry, taking about 30 days. they ask you to be patient. and number four, your toddler may not be sad, but depressed. a new study finds that depression can be in children very young, they can experience the same chemical changes in the brain that affect older children. and number three, a recent study showing that 70% of u.s. children havelow levels of vitamin d putting them at risk for bone and heart disease. a solution? vitamin d supplements, and eating riching foods in vitamin d, like fish and milk, and spending more time in the sun. and city council lifting a
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$19 tap on cab rides, it was intended to help out the d.c. residents, in d.c. area. and number one, cash for clunkers money could run out by friday, unless an extension program is agreed to. it will be up to 4500 if you trade in your gasdrinker. on our website, as always, just click on web links, laura. all right thank you. on line scammers targeting an innocent baby boy and his mom. his picture posted on craigslist in a heartless adoption scam. how they did it, the warning the mother wants everybody to hear. after the break. but first, ladies, how dirty are you? a recent poll from glamorous magazine say they admit wearing
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. man imagine going on line, only to find a posting of your child up foradoption. it is a scam happening right now, happening to one mom already. now she warns us so it doesn't happen to your family. more on the story. >> i was really -- >> reporter: what jennifer says she needs to protect 7 month-
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old jacob from are on line scammers. it all began innocently, posting the pictures on the family's blog. >> for family, friends, be able to know what is going on in their lives. >> reporter: out of the blue, she got an e-mail with disturbing information. >> she learned his picture was being used in an adoption scam. >> reporter: turns out there was a victim to the scam, and the good samaritan was trying to help other parents. jennifer tried to help. she e-mailed a poster, asking for a photo. this is what she got in her in- box, a picture of her own son, jake jacob. >> i know he wasn't physically harmed, nobody was coming to our door to take him, but i felt like his life was being disturbed. >> reporter: a series of e- mails showed this tale, that
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had the baby was born in africa, and she showed the link. >> i didn't realize how easy it was to be part of the scam, and have your photo being used, the likeness being used and the information being used as part of the scam for other people. >> reporter: jennifer contacted the fbi and the ag's office. and yahoo! shut down the e-mail addresses used in the scam. >> this is happening to a lot of people, we just don't know about it. >> well this one is no scam, did you see this? a taxi driver who is letting the customers pick the prices. how about that? the proof is written all over the cab. the recession-ride taxi service asking people to pay what they want. so far the owner says he was not stiffed, but didn't get cash always. some people choose to pay with cd's gift cards, but he is turning a profit. >> i am taking it he is not licensed though, but i hope it
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is working out for him. sounds like it is apparently. >> but a big value on today's weather, i walked out there. it was just beautiful. >> a big change, this morning, you could see the blue sky, humidity had dropped. hazy out there right now, but we'll take our breaks where we can get them. it is august, did you see the moon? it is gorgeous, not full yet. so you will get this view for the next couple of nights when the moon is almost full, called a waxing moon, full on the fifth, and it is called a sturgeon moon. i am sure they called it that, because there were lots of sturgeon in august. and the moon could have looked orange to you tonight. a bit of humidity, pollution in the atmosphere. the very bright planet near it, jupiter, so enjoy your walk in mostly moon skies tomorrow. now in the radar, showing the next system here in the plains, a frontal system taking a couple of days to get here.
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and when it does on wednesday, it will trigger more storms, nice to get the break, a busy week last week. a few more storms left off the beaches. speaking of a stormy week we haven't talked about this. so let me discuss what happened on friday in fresh. there were three confirmed tornadoes touchi down, focusing mostly on the ones in frederick. since we haven't talked about it. discussed it over the weekend, winds of 90-100 miles per hour. second one, a little stronger, really intense near the whiskey creek golf course, so a lot of damage and tree cleaning going on up there, just terrible for them. a lot of trees down yesterday in frederick as well. the third one in carroll county, not frederick. and it was an ef zero 76 in the
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district heating up tomorrow. a lot of orange and red, heading to 92 degrees, partly cloudy skies, seeing a moon out there, 69 degrees. tomorrow a hot one, 92 degrees, there could be something here and there. but there won't be a lot. the max high definition planner r tuesday starting out warm, not real humid in the morning. 76 degrees, by noon, 86, 4:00, 9, so warm. waiting a while for showers and thunderstorms activity. you can see at 6:00, we're really not seeing very much. this model is fanttic, updating about 4 times a day. by 4:00 on wednesday, perhaps we're dealing with a little bit of activity, right now it doesn't look like anything will be severe, including them in the forecast, 91, scattered showers, thursday as well. although they may clear out just a little bit earlier.
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. good evening, i'm dave feldman, rogers missing a third consecutive day with a strained left calf. no time table on that return.
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williams with surgery on a right finger, out indefinitely. and the big guy taking the day off, nursing a bad knee, the left one for the 100 million man. swelling in it, kept him from full practice for the second straight day. haynesworth was doing well until an injection was required for that knee. haynesworth says he received similar injections for several years to help get him through the toughness of the training camp. >> just regular stuff? >> yeah i did it last year, i did the injections in the back, stuff like that. so i'm not doing that stuff right now, it is not bad. if i really had to play today, i would still be out there. >> second year receiver thomas beginning to show promise, limited to just 15 catches in the touchdown, this year moving up. expected to be the starting
11:25 pm
flanker opposite santana moss. >> it is a huge level of understanding, you understand what is happening between the coaching staffthe play book. and with a year of experience out there on the field, man? >> it is tremendous for devin, he is really coming on, running routes with confidence at full speed. he dropped a long goal route yterday but his hands were excellent as well. >> coaches remember every drop, and falling behind early and committing three errors, would the script hold true tonight against the pittsburgh pirates. and a lovely evening for baseball, pirates up, 3--1, dunn 27, a triple short of the cycle, for his fifth three hit game of the season.
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8-4, the final. o's and on the road in detroit, opening up a four-game set against the tigers, pick it up, tied at 5, bottom nine, thomas untied. the hero with the walk-off solo homerun to win in dramatic fashion, 6-5, detroit beats the orioles, and nascar fires up, denny hamlin, drives inside on boyar, passing by, and three days after losing his grandmother, hamlin snaps a race winning streak. and plaxico burress indicted today on two felony counts, accusing him of criminal possession of a weapon and one misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment. he faces prison time.
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